Department of Social Work

About the Department

Post Graduate Department of Social Work, Periyar Government Arts College was established in November 2015 as the first Post Graduate Department of social work in the History of Government College in Tamil Nadu, affiliated to University of Thiruvalluvar University. It was the dream initiative Periyar Government Arts College spearheaded by the department founder Dr. V. N. Viswanathan, Principal of Periyar Government College, Cuddalore. The department offer (MSW) Masters Degree in Social Work in Periyar Government Arts College, Cuddalore inaugurated with Human Resource Development as its specialization. The Department of Social Work under the visionary leadership of Dr. V. N. Viswanathan focused on the integration of Theory, Practice and Research right from the foundation of the Department.

Department of Social Work established with academic curriculum includes Core Subjects, Elective system, Field work training, Block Placement, summer placement in both years and Skill development labs. Students of Social Work sharpen their competencies through various activities carried out by the Association of Social Workers, forums of specializations of Human Resources Management.

Social Workers are professionals who have received a special education, which enables them to assist individuals, families, social organizations, and other human communities. They assist by helping to identify, ameliorate, solve, or prevent the occurrence of personal, interpersonal, and community social problems. The Social Worker may focus on persons, on the relationships among persons, or on the relationships between persons and their social environment. The practice of social work requires a substantial body of knowledge and specialized skills. It also requires values, attitude, and self-discipline, all of which build productive relationships and practical solutions in challenging areas of social functioning. The Social work professional must be able to confirm the harsh realities of life objectively. But he or she must retain compassion for persons, convictions about the place of human values in a free society, motivation to reduce human suffering and to strengthen the Social fabric, and a readiness to persist in a disciplined professional role. Social Workers build careers in many types of agencies and organizations in the public and the private sectors. Specialized careers can be developed around specific human problems, such as illness, poverty, or delinquency. Careers can relate to particular population groups, such as the aged, the young, or various ethnic minorities. Other careers in social work are based on specific methods of practice, such as social administration or direct clinical services.