Department of English

About the Department

The Department of English aims to inculcate quality education for the students of Cuddalore district. It aims to develop the English language and communication skills of the students with special focus on the four significant aspects of language – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

The Origin and Development

The department of English was started in 1969. Since then it has progressed by leaps and bounds and to-day it stands at the pinnacle of glory in the spheres of academic, literary and cultural activities. initially the department functioned with 20 students. Since its inception the department has consistently focused on quality education. In July 2008 the second shift was started with an additional strength of 20 students. Thereafter in 2010 the strength was quantitatively increase? 40 students in each shift - 80 students over all. This increase was made with the twin objectives of catering to the ever increasing demand for English Literature subject as well as enabling many more students hailing from rural background to avail themselves of the opportunity of pursuing higher education.
The post graduate course - M.A., English Literature was started in 2011 with a sanctioned strength of 30 students. This event is a milestone in the annals of the Department of English. The total strength of students including both UG and PG is 330. With the sincere and dedicated service of a bevy of efficient teachers the department aims to scale greater heights in the days to come.

Involvement of students in extra-curricular activities

The department of English has an English Literary Association which plays an important role in the life of the students. They participate in literary competitions such as quiz, elocution, essay writing and cultural competitions such as dance, drama, mime, and so on. The students of the department of English won the overall Championship Trophy at the Jawaharlal Nehru 1Arts and Science College, Uludurpet by winning in all the competitions. The following students have excelled in various fields - Kathavarayan, Kishore, Selvarani, Ananthi of II M.A English, Sabaripriyan, Leo Rozario, Abirami, Sridhar, Selvapriya, Sabarinathan, Gowdhami of B.A literature have participated and won several prizes. Indeed they have made the college proud by their outstanding performance.
Our students have also shown their skill in sports and games. Giritharan, won first prize in kick-boxing at the Thiruvalluvar University level. R. Silambaran, has won several prizes in Hockey and Javelin Throw. T. Jagan was a part of the Hockey team that won at university level.
Eminent academicians visited our department to meet the students and speak on topics of literary interest. In 2006-07 Dr. P.Raja, Associate Professor of English, Kanchi Mamunivar Post-graduate Centre, Pondicherry and in March, 2013 Prof. D. Sambandhan, Dean, College Development Council, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, participated in the English Literary Association function and shared their valuable thoughts with our students.